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The Lexus Hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard, is a prototype hoverboard created in collaboration with the Japanese make and some of the world’s leading experts in super conductive technology.

So how does this thing work? The Lexus Hoverboard functions by using a magnetic levitation through liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and magnets, (down to -346 degrees Fahrenheit), allowing you to zip through the air.
Lexus have just released another video featuring the hoverboard. The latest, has pro skateboarder and “hoverboarder” Ross McGouran talking about the sensation of literally floating on air.

“It’s never been done before,” he says. There’s “no friction underneath you.”

We’re getting closer to seeing Lexus’ hoverboard in action — but it’s not quite there yet.

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