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The warning shot!…..

The warning shot!…..

We have all been guilty of pushing our bodies too far, especially when you are in the middle of the season, flat out and suddenly you get a “twinge”.. that warning shot!

Instead of throttling back, lying down and taking it easy, we tell ourselves “only another 3 weeks before the boss leaves” or ” I’ll get it looked at a the end of the charter” but how many of us do get it looked at?

A Captain recently got a twinge in his back carrying water onto the passarell in readiness for a charter. During the charter the twinge turned to pain in his lower back and by the end of the charter, it was hurting down into his hip and down his leg; not boding well for potential sciatic nerve damage. After the charter he had to move the boat but the pain was severe and had to pull into a port to get an emergency doctor aboard for an injection. Why did he not rest up, I hear you say? Because he had guests waiting for the next charter, he was under pressure…

The pain dissipated after the injection and they carried on and he managed to get through the next charter. Afterwards he returned home (luck would have it the charter ended near his home port). He was eventually taken to hospital where after 4 MRI’s he was diagnosed with a herniated disc and a wound tight sciatic nerve.


Where is he now? He is recovering at home having been signed off for 3 (three) months, all because he pushed himself too hard and ignored the warning shots for far too long. Luckily with the yacht being MLC 2006 the insurance picked up the hospital bill which amounted to just shy of 15,000 Euros. It also covers the salary of the relief Captain over the 3 month period so apart from the boss, missing his favourite Captain, he is not out of pocket.
Since writing this story 3 other crew have told me about serious damage they have done to themselves and have admitted that perhaps they could have avoided it, by seeing something about it earlier on.

So next time you your body sends you a warning shot, listen to it, as a few days out of action is far better than a whole season.

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