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Welcome your patience will be appreciated!

Welcome your patience will be appreciated!

Chartering in Spain 2015

Last year is was announced that after a few difficult chartering years, Spain was to once more “open” it’s doors to Non EU flagged yachts for chartering in its waters. Even permitting you to start and finish charters in their waters, should you have the wish (as long as you bring your piggy bank)!

If only things were that simple…
For many Captains and crew this summer, Spain has been likened to an invitation to a relaxing Sunday BBQ, only to be greeted by a disapproving Mother-in-Law. You just know you’re in for a hard time!

Whilst there is proactive activity within the Spanish yachting industry to ensure that Spain remains in the Mediterranean charter circuit it would appear that the Spanish Governing bodies didn’t get the memo and as such seem somewhat disorganized in their approach to the process of charter permit application.

One Captain explains “Boat documents seem to elude the authorities, they have demanded written statements from my flag state, stating my crews’ suitability of licenses. What is a safe manning document for if not a statement of the crews’ suitability!?” Another first officer stated “The doors are open but the latch is still on. They are not making it easy”

Together with a 21% VAT (tax) charge, (should you wish to start and finish in Spain), surely even the hardened charterer will think twice?

So it would seem for now at least, the best way to see the many delights Spain has to offer is by chartering from elsewhere and pop in for a visit. Otherwise you may find yourself in a painful process and that tiny speck in front of you, is the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

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