Hemisphere Lite Collection



Our mini-ISM (International Safety Management) element promotes best practise for safety management at sea, ensuring the security of crew, guests and the yacht, alike. Our auditors provide comprehensive assessments in order to assist Captains in implementing protocols, monthly reporting and annual audits aboard the yacht.

In 2007, under Annex 2 of the revised Large Yacht Code (LY3) for all commercial yachts over 24m and under 500gt, the obligation is to have an onboard safety management system. It is strongly advised that all yachts under 500gt obtain mini-ISM compliance, as best practise.

The mini-ISM Code provides the minimum requirements for the safe operation of yachts, which is then customised to each individual yacht, based on the operational processes. It also extends into pollution prevention, as adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

This promotes regulatory compliance and promotes a safe working environment that protects against accident or injury thus reducing the possibility of insurance claims.

The Hemisphere ‘Lite’ mini-ISM element includes:

  • On board annual audit
  • Monthly checklists
  • Review of safety systems
  • Familiarisation and training checklists
  • Recording for emergency drills
  • Emergency procedures to abandon ship or for man-over-board, search and rescue, collision, fire or grounding
  • Muster list detailing stations and responsibilities for each crew
  • Safe operational procedures for equipment use
  • Standing orders for crew
  • Guidance for security procedures
  • Accident, injury or hazardous occurrence reports
  • Fuel and waste management plans

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